Associate Degrees Online Brescia University offers the following associate degrees online

Associate of Arts in Human Services

Human services is the study and provision of human and social services to individuals and communities. The Associate of Arts in Human Services prepares students for entry-level positions in a variety of human service agencies.

Associate of Science in Business

The online Associate of Science in Business at Brescia University provides students with an introduction to the basic business models and modern business practices. Students also learn skills needed to conduct business in a variety of organizations and environments.

Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts

BUonline’s Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts degree provides students with a wide knowledge-base in the areas of communication, language and literature, religion and philosophy, fine arts, natural science and math. This program also examines the social and behavioral sciences.

Associate of Science in Psychology

The online Associate of Science in Psychology provides students an introduction to Psychology and provides a strong foundation for multiple career paths. Students can also continue on to the completely online Bachelor’s degree of Psychology and Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology at Brescia University.

Associate of Arts in Theology

The Theology Program is grounded in the Roman Catholic faith tradition and reflects the Second Vatican Council’s commitments to ecumenism, religious liberty, a deeper study of the wellsprings of the sources of the Catholic tradition, and a reaffirmation of traditional religious vocations. This associate’s degree provides the foundation of knowledge and skills and will prepare graduates to continue to Brescia University’s Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology. Supported by a strong liberal arts tradition, Brescia students are empowered to aspire to an independent spirit, creative adaptability to change, and openness to lifelong learning.

Associate of Arts or Science in Integrated Studies

The online Associate of Art or Science in Integrated Studies at Brescia University allows students the ability to create a customized program to help them meet their personal and career goals. Students experience a broad education and learn a number of critical skills, including communication and math literacy.

BUonline Associate Degree Programs

Associate degrees are the fastest and most affordable way to advance your education and your earning potential. If you need a quick career boost, or if committing to a four year program seems overwhelming, enrolling in an associate degree program may be the best choice for you.

Foundation for a Bachelor’s Degree

Earning an associate degree is the perfect start to acquiring the proper credentials for your future profession. Credits you earn while pursuing an associate degree can always be applied to an online bachelor’s degree completion program if you decide to further your education later on.

Expert Faculty

Our online courses are taught by faculty who are experts in their chosen fields. Most courses are offered in an accelerated eight-week format. A total of 63 credit hours are necessary to graduate with an associate degree in one of our three online programs. On average, students are able to complete the degree requirements in as little as 18 months.

Increased Earning Potential

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of someone who holds an associate degree is between $10,000 and $15,000 higher than that of a high school graduate. Over a lifetime, an associate degree graduate can earn $500,000 more than a high school graduate.