Brescia University Ranked #11 in New York Times List of Colleges with Greatest Economic Diversity

Brescia University was ranked 11th in a new list in the New York Times Top U.S. Colleges with the Greatest Economic Diversity. This ranking is measured by analyzing the share of students receiving Pell Grants, looking at both public and private colleges.

The data used includes any Title IV-granting, nonmilitary institution with at least 250 total undergraduate students in the 2020-21 school year that was rated in the top four Barron’s selectivity categories in 2009 or 2016. The data also includes all state flagships.

Chris Houk, Brescia University Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management said of the ranking, “Brescia University prides ourselves on making private education affordable to all students regardless of economic background.  We are able to accomplish this through a robust program of financial aid that not only focuses on academic merit and athletic talent but also on financial need coupled with keeping our direct costs below the state and national average.”

According to the Department of Education Federal Pell Grants are usually awarded to undergraduate students who display exceptional financial need. Along with offering Pell Grants, Brescia University awards other federal, state, and institutional assistance for students based on financial need, academic merit, and talent.  Many of these institutional awards include internal endowments set up by our generous donors and community partners.

In addition to the New York Times ranking, the University also received recognition from for their Online Associate Degree in Human Services and their Online Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Social Work.

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